Um Ponto de Vista





I was born in Stäfa, Switzerland. In 1988 I decided to move to spend some time in Rio and since then more than 25 years passed by. I graduated in commerce in Switzerland; since then I knew, that I didn’t want to spend 45 years in some office , waiting for retirement. Initially , when I arrived in Brazil , I work as a german language teacher. When I started with photography, it was ment to be just a hobby, but I was so fascinated, that it just takes over. At those times there was no digital photography, films and revelation consumed a lot of money. I was faced with a dilemma: To face and go ahead or to leave it behind . At this time a lot of people with dire predictions about the future of an artist. Thanks God, that I insisted on hearing the voice of my heart telling me that I should take the risk.

For many years I work with models;  books and other kind of fashionwork, after a lot of still photography, and also CD and DVD covers.

Every year I used to spend a month with my father in Switzerland. When he died in 2009 , I gained more freedom and began to dedicate myself to see the world through my own eyes. I was fascinated about that since childhood.

My destinations were quite exotic; mountains, glaciers, deserts, volcanos and different cultures. I felt always attracted to explore african tribes and wildlife, Kilimanjaro was my dream since a little boy. I’ve always been curious to look inside an active volcano , that’s what made me climb the first mountain: Lascar in Chile . I loved the experience and decided to go further, climbing Cotopaxi in Ecuador , after Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in Tanzania , and recently the first mountains above 6000 feet , the Huayna Potosi in Bolivia and Acotango.

In 2010 I first went to Africa , visiting South Africa , Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana . I was so fascinated that I did  other trips to Ethiopia, Egypt , Namibia, Mauritius Islands and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The travel pictures became a real passion . As the feedbacks were very positive, I decided to invest more in this type of photography.

This kind of trips has increased my culture and life experience. Some trips leave some friends quite apprehensive, because some destinations are not without danger.

Every trip I am aware of all that the borders and cultural barriers exist only in people’s heads . Prejudice is a concept formed about something you do not know. The truth however doesn’t exist, it only a question of point of view.

The world is much more than NY, Paris , London, Disneyland and other consumption centers. There you maybe will satisfy material desires, but that’s only the superficial needs of a man . The breath of earth can only be felt far away of these urban centers, to experience the deepest anxiety of our soul, you must leave the comfort zone.

This is certainly one of my objectives: to awake desires to know different places, and leave from time to time the comfort zone.