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License Agreement

1) The use of the images contained in this site for advertising purposes, publications, editorials, social relations, public presentation, publication on websites, electronic newsletters or any other form of disclosure, is expressly prohibited without written permission of UM PONTO DE VISTA.

2) The copyright of all site content is owned by UM PONTO DE VISTA and protected by International Copyright Convention and other aplied laws. The use of such content, entire or in parts, for any purpose without written permission is strictly prohibited. Such copyrights are guarded by XXVII item of art. 5 of the Constitution, under the Berne Convention promulgated in Brazil by Decree 75,699 / 75, and by Law 9.610 / 98. The use of these images without written permission from UM PONTO DE VISTA is considered counterfeiting for all purposes of civil and criminal law.

3) Authorized costumers of any image of UM PONTO DE VISTA, are allowed to make changes in these images for any reason or purpose, and by any means or technical procedure, including multimedia or similar electronic processes.

4) It is therefore fraudulent act, to use images of this website without specific prior written authorization by UM PONTO DE VISTA, and is therefore is also prohibited use images or fragments of the images, to create another work or products.

5) This is a legal agreement between you, the user, and UM PONTO DE VISTA. To acquire an image you are expressly agreeing to the following terms and obliged to respect and enforce the conditions laid for this acquisition.

6) UM PONTO DE VISTA warrant the use of non-exclusive image to the consumer, who is not allowed to transfer any image to theird parts. Costumer has the right to change it. He understand that he’s a consumer that effectively acquires the images, not the advertising agency that perhaps represents him. You agree, that you may not copy, in whole or in part, rent, lease, collect or plagiarizing images without prior written permission from UM PONTO DE VISTA.

7) This license enables the following uses: personal, professional, internal, editorial, customer projects, including printed materials, advertising, packaging, presentations, videos, on-line or multimedia projects and resale.

8) The following uses are not allowed: put them online in downloadable format to view or print them, use in web pages with resolution higher than 72 DPI. The images can not be used with the purpose of creating pornographic material, to attack the reputation of persons, obscenity and defamation. The use of any of the images for purposes not expressly authorized, without the prior permission written by UM PONTO DE VISTA is for all legal purposes a contractual violation and infringement of the law of copyright.

9) The authorization is automatically conceded after confirmation of payment of the stipulated amount on the site.

10) This agreement is governed by Brazilian law of copyright, the Capital Court of Rio de Janeiro will resolve any doubts.

Price per image (unlimited time)

R$ 750,00