Um Ponto de Vista


There is no truth , it is all a matter of point of view , that is just the view of only a single point. “One point of view” (translation of “Um ponto de vista) is more than a imagebank , it’s a concept , a philosophy of life . At the same time I can’t deny my point of view , I shouldn’t think, that it has become an universal truth .

Many photographers give their photos to image banks, which are already known . I am against this practice , because I believe it is a kind of modern prostitution; it’s me that faces dangers and also great efforts to achieve unusual photos. Why not invest in myself and offer an alternative for those who seek for image banks that gives all the benefits to the photographer and helps him financially to support future trips?

One point of view is an attempt to achieve that the trips pay themselves.

The buyer knows that it will be encouraging my work directly, without any intermediaries.

Of course it is not an easy task, however, is an ambitious project, because doing what everyone else does may seem more alluring, but maybe in the long term, will this be really the best solution?

I’m trying to give an example of what I still believe, an imagebank  in the old fashion style, kind of “little store in the corner”. I’m willing to resist certain trends and perhaps just because of that to achieve. Back to the future …

Certainly it is an imagebank quite alternative and unconventional , but I bet right on that: an opportunity for those who are looking for exclusive pictures outside of the “mainstream”…